About Startup Artist

or: why you should start communicating!

Al MithaniHi, I’m Al Mithani – a software engineer and entrepreneur.

After working in software consulting and starting a few of my own startups, I realized that there is a huge communication divide between software developers and everyone else.  Programmers literally speak a different language than the population at large.

The communication gap can be extremely frustrating.  In my experience, 90% of your problems at work can be solved simply by communicating better.  Have you ever had any of the following happen?

For entrepreneurs:For developers:
had a developer deliver something you didn't expect?had a client/coworker expect you to read their mind?
have a deadline pass, only to find that the work you wanted isn't complete yet?avoided a tough conversation?
been extremely frustrated when a developer didn't use their "common sense"?been extremely frustrated when a client/coworker didn't use their "common sense"?

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